Sunday Wrap-Up

Another week in the books. Struggling a bit still with motivation with no races on the horizon, but joining the Masters Swim group has helped a lot and showing up for hills on Monday nights makes for good social runs. Even made it in to the chiropractor for the first time in months. Had a great family weekend with Bill’s birthday, visiting Banner Ranch with … Continue reading Sunday Wrap-Up

Sunday Wrap-Up

Since last Sunday night… We got 40 minutes sleep and had to catch an airplane home… I took a day off work but spent the whole time cleaning, doing laundry, and tattooing my car… Wednesday was my birthday! Woke up to gifts from my family. Went back to work where I was spoiled with gifts and flowers and homemade cheesecake… And went for an easy … Continue reading Sunday Wrap-Up

Sunday WrapUp

These past few weeks were kind of an emotional roller coaster for me… But things seem to have smoothed out and my head is 100% back into training. Ironman Chattanooga is quickly approaching and I am excited to be feeling healthy, strong and making progress each week. Next week looks like a tough training week, and part of that I will be out of town, … Continue reading Sunday WrapUp

Sunday Wrap Up

So this week has been all Recovery Training. And while I know it is important to recover (or at least that is what my coach says), I was less than excited about the workouts all being slow and easy… And it was the final game of the girls’ softball season. Tomorrow starts a new week. And it is lots of threshold work! Woo hoo!   … Continue reading Sunday Wrap Up