2018 Race Plans!

After some contemplation and some negotiation with the hubby, I think I have finally decided on my 2018 race plans. And although there will not be a Full Ironman in my 2018 plans, much to my dismay, there will be plenty of epic races next year! And I will be focused on some major PRs, improvements in all three disciplines and significant speed/technique improvements! And … Continue reading 2018 Race Plans!

Sunday Wrap-Up

Another week in the books. Struggling a bit still with motivation with no races on the horizon, but joining the Masters Swim group has helped a lot and showing up for hills on Monday nights makes for good social runs. Even made it in to the chiropractor for the first time in months. Had a great family weekend with Bill’s birthday, visiting Banner Ranch with … Continue reading Sunday Wrap-Up

Packing For An Ironman

This is a level of craziness that few people get the experience. So I’m going to let you in on it. First, the nutrition/hydration plan: Pre-Race: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate – Healthy meals, nothing new Am: Preworkout, Nuun, oatmeal Pre-swim – Honey Stinger Waffle Bike – 6 bottles of Infinit Nutrition – 3 in bike bag, 3 in special needs (extra scoops in special needs), bonk … Continue reading Packing For An Ironman

And it’s September…

It seems like for months and months I keep thinking about how quickly September is approaching, how soon it will be here, and then BOOM it is. September is here. It’s the final countdown to Chatt. It’s go time. I feel really good about where my training is this year. Working with Bryan Kreitz and TriDot has definitely made me feel a lot more confident … Continue reading And it’s September…

Monday Motivation

Man, what a weekend! Saturday was a race rehearsal! Which means I am closing in on Ironman Chattanooga. Completed a 6 hour ride, covering 100 miles. The last 24 miles were with a strong headwind. Headwinds are such a mind game for me, my legs are on fire and everything in me in screaming to quit. But when my watch rolled over to 100 miles, … Continue reading Monday Motivation