Monday Motivation

Man, what a weekend! Saturday was a race rehearsal! Which means I am closing in on Ironman Chattanooga. Completed a 6 hour ride, covering 100 miles. The last 24 miles were with a strong headwind. Headwinds are such a mind game for me, my legs are on fire and everything in me in screaming to quit. But when my watch rolled over to 100 miles, … Continue reading Monday Motivation

Sunday Wrap-Up

It has been a great week of training! Working with a coach is going to be great! Had three threshold workouts this week, which is like testing you capacity. The cool part about this is going to be looking back on these first threshold workouts and seeing the improvement! Today had sprints at the beginning, I haven’t run sprints in YEARS! Felt super good!!! I … Continue reading Sunday Wrap-Up

Sunday Prep!

Great day of workouts today! Lunch meals prepped for the week, dinner meals planned and groceries bought! And planned out my training for next week! Which is always a tricky balance between training, work and the kiddos activities. Continue reading Sunday Prep!

Sunday Prep

What a Sunday it has been too!!! Got a 25 mile bike ride in, a 3 mile run and a 1000yd swim today. And it felt so good! Bought a treadmill over the weekend, really hoping that will eliminate weather interferences in my training this week! This weeks training plans, including working in some strength training (my sister helped me out with the plan!): Meal … Continue reading Sunday Prep

Monday Motivation

Was able to get my long ride (100 miles, woot!) and long run (18 miles, hurray!) in over the weekend, but had my step-dad’s birthday out of town yesterday, so didn’t manage to get back for my swim. I am home with my daughter today whom is not feeling well, but hoping to get out this evening after my hubs gets home and get that … Continue reading Monday Motivation

My Super Hubby Saves The Day!!

So, today was the most important bike ride that occurs while training for an IM, peak week 100 mile ride, but let me tell you, it did not go as planned. First off, the one and only Racing Mermaid met me at crack of dawn, well actually prior. We set out, we kicked ass, we turned around at mile 25 (loop one). We kicked more ass, the … Continue reading My Super Hubby Saves The Day!!

Sunday Prep

Super challenging ride today! 80 miles, starting in the freezing cold (44 degrees) and ending in the heat of the day (88 degrees). Giant hills (4,448 elevation gain). Mean bike chasing, leg eating dogs. Beautiful scenery. Best training partner in the world. The realness of the Ironman being 4 weeks away is really starting to sink in. And to be perfectly honest, I could not … Continue reading Sunday Prep

Sunday Funday

Lots of great training this weekend. Long toasty run along the levee Saturday after our five hour ride the previous day. Then my stepson’s 15th birthday party. And today, the best Open Water Swim I’ve had to date.   Followed by a gas station stop in my bathing suit. Then followed by a nice relaxing cup of coffee by the fire. Had a great time … Continue reading Sunday Funday