2018 Accountability – Week 5

BIT Challenge Well, this wasn’t the week that I wanted… I ate crappy and missed many parts of this challenge… Something that I need to focus harder on this week. Eat a Healthy Breakfast – ✅ 4 Servings of Veggies – ❌ – not a great eating week for me, bad planning on my part 2 Servings of Whole Grains – ❌ –  see above… needs to … Continue reading 2018 Accountability – Week 5

Go, Go, Go, Merry Christmas!

With the kids’ sport schedules, its been hard to get on here as much as I should! Had an excellent date night at The Melting Pot with the husband. And we went to see the Foo Fighters, which was amazing. Spent a fair amount of time getting ready for Christmas. And, of course, hanging out with the kiddos. Training has been good, had a good … Continue reading Go, Go, Go, Merry Christmas!

Tidbit Tuesday

What is your nickname, who gave you that name? Bee. Off and on since high school. Started with Mary Jo, my cheerleading coach.  What is your favorite cuisine? Mexican.  What is your dream travel plan? I like vacations where it is warm, and there is no itinerary and can do as I please, whenever I please.  What is that one thing you can talk about for hours without getting bored? Triathlon.  If … Continue reading Tidbit Tuesday

Sunday Wrap-Up

Another week in the books. Struggling a bit still with motivation with no races on the horizon, but joining the Masters Swim group has helped a lot and showing up for hills on Monday nights makes for good social runs. Even made it in to the chiropractor for the first time in months. Had a great family weekend with Bill’s birthday, visiting Banner Ranch with … Continue reading Sunday Wrap-Up