Just a shit week…

Everyone has one of those weeks… were everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. Where life just simply serves you a shit sandwich. That was my week this week…



First off, Monday my phone was lost by fedex. And after multiple battles with Apple, my phone is still gone… Looking like it may be another 5-7 days…


Second, state survey walked in, which is Long Term Care’s state auditing team. Typically this horrifically painful process lasts us one LONG week. But as a shit-sandwich-sort-of-week would allow, they will be back next week.

Third, I took the entire week off of training, to totally focus on work, because after all, it does pay for this sport that I love. It’s long hours and there is little room to be “off your game” in the office from the exhaustion of training.

Fourth, I completely gave up on the Whole30 with state in the house. I did well most of the week, but after knowing I was cutting corners, not able to meal prep and ultimately kind of falling apart at the seams, I decided now was not a good time for me to attempt this type of reset on my body.

And finally, the weather ruined the 5k I was planning to run tonight… which just sums up the shithole that this week is.


So after a little grumpy time, a few needed tears and whining, I have decided to drink a glass (or two) or wine, order in some pizza and watch funny movies with my favorite little humans and my one favorite big human.


And realize that even my shithole week, isn’t the end of the world and I can start fresh tomorrow morning.



4 thoughts on “Just a shit week…

  1. Ahhh and I thought you were holding up pretty well! Ha! It was truthfully one ugly week and not just survey. Feel guilty being part of pulling you off your training game. However I’m glad to have team members like you to vent to and share the pain with. Hopefully the Phoenix will rise from ashes before end of next week. Hope you have relaxing weekend and that your little people remind you what really matters.

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  2. Wow!! 😳. You put it into words terrifically! I am so sorry for your week!!! Unbelievable!! Either the phone loss or the state alone would be enough to deal with! But both??????? 💋. Love you 😘

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