Phones, Training & Whole30

Start this week off by saying that my phone died… Like literally just upped and died. The beauty of iPhones, other than the obvious being how amazing they work, if the phone breaks, you send yours in and they just send you a new one. They received it yesterday and shipped out a new one already today… So I assume Monday, I will have it back. Because of having no phone, I didn’t have easy access to my email, my social media site and my camera… And it was actually pretty nice. But I was pretty silent on here and other social media sites. But have no fear all of my workouts were done and I am feeling good.

I did get my Vendetta Racing kit this week, but without my phone, it’s still secret to the world how much I love it and how awesome it looks!

I actually did both of my swims this week alone, rather than at Masters. I am not sure why, but doing them alone felt really good. I enjoyed the workouts TriDot had lined out and not having the anxiety of circle swimming, so that was nice. But I missed the social aspect of the friends I have made at the Masters class. I am not sure what my plans for next week are, since I really love Masters and already paid for April.

My running has really picked up, I think I have 5 runs this week, and it’s a lighter week this week. So I am really loving that.


I started the Whole30 food “reset”, to kick start some better eating habits as I am getting into that “three-months-til-raceday” time. Whole30 is very strict, but in all the best ways. I am at Day 5 today, which means I am 1/6th through the “reset” and am feeling pretty good. Whole30 limits all sugars (including fake sugars, like in my beloved Diet Pepsi has), all alcohols (bye, bye wine), grains, legumes (including peanuts and peanut butter), dairy and any baked foods/junk foods (even if they follow the guidelines). I haven’t been drinking coffee either, as I like creamer in my coffee more than I like coffee alone or with something without dairy. So far I feel much more rested, I think this is a combination of low caffeine and no alcohol. I have been journalling the entire thing, interested after the 30 days are over how I feel about the different things that aren’t allowed and how I feel overall.

It’s crazy stormy here this morning, getting in the way of my run outside… waiting to see if it passes or if the power stops glitching out long enough to get my run in on the treadmill…


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