Sunday Wrap-Up & Graci’s Nose

What a week! Kicked ass all week with my workouts!

I did miss my second swim because my poor daughter had to have nasal surgery again. She broke her nose at her first softball practice, hit in the face with a softball. She didn’t even cry, if it hadn’t been for the blood, I may not have believed it was broken! That Friday she had corrective surgery, by the same ENT that fixed my deviated septum. The following Friday, it had shifted off some and he adjusted it again in the office. She was so tough!!! That Sunday, she played in her state basketball tournament, where she played awesome, but was hit in the face during her last game and it broke again! So this past Friday, she had to have surgery again. Poor little thing didn’t complain once, no tears, nothing. She is such a trooper. She literally smiled throughout the entire ordeal.

And yesterday, Saturday, we went and watched the NCAA Women’s Basketball games! We had such a fun time!!


One thought on “Sunday Wrap-Up & Graci’s Nose

  1. Graci is so tough and such delightful personality. I’m jealous, I watched one of games on tv . . . Glad you had good weekend!


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