2018 “Resolutions”

Although 2017 was an amazing year for me, I have no doubt in my mind that 2018 will be even better! 


As most people do, I have more that a few “resolutions” but they are in the form of Challenges instead! And because I don’t like to half-ass these things, there are five challenges, but all kind of play off one another… 

  1. BIT Challenge – This is part of a group Badass Ironman Training that I am a part of. The Challenge is essentially a daily spreadsheet of multiple areas that earn “points”, those points roll up to “weekly points”, and ultimately you are challenging the other folks in the group, and these folks are all amazing badasses that I totally get motivated and inspired by. What areas are they tracking you may ask, well, let me tell you about it!!!
    1. Eat a Healthy Breakfast – knew this was coming, so pre-made my Overnight Oats last night and ate them with coffee and a protein shake this morning before my run! IMG_0930
    2. 4 Servings of Veggies – tracking food in MyFitnessPal, keeps it easy – but this will take a pretty focused effort for me. 
    3. 2 Servings of Whole Grains – this is not easy for me for some reasons, I think I skip “grains” most days… But between the Overnight Oats and a slice of Rye Bread, got it done today and will likely do that going forward.
    4. Properly Fuel During Workouts – Infinit & Nuun are my “go-to” here!
    5. 8 glasses of water – This was easy today because I was home with the day off, so may be a little more challenging on regular work days, but such a good one for me to focus on. 
    6. Avoid processed sugars (doesn’t include training sugars) – you lose points on this one – this one shouldn’t be too tough for me. 
    7. Avoid alcohol – you lose points for this one too – I am day three on this one, so skipping a glass of night before bed will be my challenge here… but is doable. 
    8. Avoid fried food – this has the heaviest loss for points – this will only be challenging when it comes to tacos…… 
    9. Perform Active Recovery on Rest Days – well what are rest days?
    10. Complete Triathlon Focused Workouts – Obviously, I like this one best, and when you read the other challenges, you’ll see how these play into one another
    11. Completing Scheduled Workouts for the Day – Again, see how this all comes together. 🙂 
    12. PR during workout – Will see if that happens tomorrow, I have an Functional Threshold Test on the bike, then a run and a swim later in the week… fingers crossed! 
    13. Cross Train or Strength Workout – Ugh…….. None scheduled this week, because it’s test week, but I kinda hate strength workouts… 
    14. Core Workout – Doing These Two, so my abs are going to be popping soon! HA! 
    15. Recover Properly – Yup, broke out the Foam Roller tonight. 
    16. Miss Workout – This is a loss of Points!!!! No Bueno!
    17. 7 hours of sleep – This is not a strong point for me… Focusing on it. 
    18. Multivitamin or Supplements – I usually take my BCAAs and vitamins pretty well, again Nuun Vitamins will be an easy way to stay on track.
    19. Read a wellness article, blog, book – I have a few great blogs I read regularly, so I like this one!
    20. Invest in Yourself (Try something new) – Hmmmmm…. I don’t know what to do with this one… Need to think about this one. 
    21. 15 Minutes of Focused Relaxation – I spent this reading, perfect!
    22. Speak with Someone that Keeps You Accountable – I have daily chats with my coach and teammates, so I am happy with this one. 
    23. Go Out of Your Way to Help Someone – I really want to do better with this one, and not just at work.
    24. Active Time With Family – Fun!!!
  2. Run The Day – I am on a team, with two other folks in my TriMafia family to run 2018 miles between the three of us in 2018 – Today, I put 5.71 miles in this bucket of miles. IMG_0706
  3. 1000 Miles in 2018 – This was a group that I did last year, it was for walking/running/hiking, plan to do it again this year! I actually ended up with 4,538.64 miles for 2017!!! (see how it works easily into other challenges) IMG_0701
  4. TriMafia 2600 Club – This is another Challenge I did last year too, that is part of the TriMafia team, and I loved doing it. This is 2000 Cycling Miles, 500 Running Miles & 100 Swimming Miles. 🙂 (see how it works easily into other challenges again) 
  5. Team Kreitz Challenge – Last Man Standing challenge within my Coach Bryan Kreitz’s athletes, simply, do your workouts, if you miss, you are out, this one has a sweet money pot, which motivates me even more, cause who doesn’t want more workout clothes? This won’t likely go for the entire year, unless everyone stays 100% for the year!!! Today’s workouts, a 1:20 Z2 bike ride and a 1:00 Z2 run. 

Stay Tuned, I will plan to blog about this weekly for accountability!

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