Checking In On 2017 Goals

So checking on where I am for my 2017 goals!

  1. Ironman Chattanooga – this is my #1 goal for 2017
    1. My number one goal and my main focus. It was amazing, wonderful and most importantly done! Check it out, herefinisherpix_1818_2178661
  2. Run 1000 miles in 2017
    1. My goal miles for 2017 swimming and running are done but still need to wrap up the last of those running miles, so that is my last and final goal of 2017!!022019
  3. Victoria 70.3
    1. This was an amazing race and a 29 minute PR for me! Check it out —> Victoria 70.325_m-100764124-DIGITAL_HIGHRES-1901_037330-7927221
  4. Drop back down to my Ironman race weight in the next 8 weeks
    1. Done! Hurray!
  5. Increase my water consumptions to 64oz a day minimum!!
    1. I suck at this most days of the week, but is still a daily goal for me. 
  6. A few local races, 5ks, 10ks and half marathons
    1. I did do a few of these this year, there are a few more locally before the end of the year that I may go ahead and do. Freeze Your Fanny 5k, Snake River Canyon Half Marathon, and Hayden Lake 10k. fullsizerender-131
  7. At least 2 marathons
    1. I did run the marathon after Chatt, but did not do another this year…… Hmmm, wonder if I can work one in over the next two months…. Might help wrap up those last few miles for my running goal. 
  8. A few local sprint triathlons as they fit in to my training schedule
    1. Well certainly not “a few” but did do the local one, Snake River Sprint Triathlon. img_5298.jpg

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