Shout Out to Coach Bryan Kreitz with TriDot

Since Ironman Chattanooga, I have been asked several times my thoughts on Tridot and hiring my coach Bryan Kreitz. And so I thought that I would sum up my thoughts on this in a few short points.


  1. When training last year, with a rest day every week, I constantly felt tired, sore and just plain exhausted. While working with Bryan at TriDot, I took no rest days outside of a two medically necessary times, and didn’t feel like that same tiredness, soreness or exhaustion. I also attribute the very little soreness I had after Ironman Chattanooga to this no-rest-day program.
  2. Having a coach that keeps you accountable to your workouts and adds the human element to a training plan, makes training much more effective and helped me stay focused, on track and goal oriented.
  3. Having a coach available to review what you are doing, look at your highs and lows and make adjustments to your schedule is vital. I couldn’t have tweeked my training the ways that Bryan did, to make me faster and stronger at vital moments.
  4. Having someone that you have available for questions, suggestions and sometimes just some plain tough love is something that you can’t even put a price on. I knew that I wasn’t alone in figuring this journey out.
  5. I love TriDot’s program and app. It makes seeing what my workouts are, understanding them and syncing all my data in one place seamless.


I can’t say enough good things about Bryan or about TriDot, so if you are on the fence, get off of it and take the plunge, you won’t regret it. Whether it’s for a Marathon, a sprint tri, a half or for the full Ironman. Just do it already!!!!

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