‘Twas the Night Before Ironman Chattanooga

So, as expected, the nerves are creeping in. So rather than sit and freak out, I’ll give you a rundown of the past few days. I promise to post a full race review after the race.

Thursday, leaving at 7am, was a traveling day, 3 flights with almost no layovers, across the country, getting us to our hotel at 1am local time on Friday.

Friday, a swim at the allocated swim area with the TriDot group.

Followed by was Athlete Check-In and fun at the Ironman village, and then a dinner with the TriDot dinner.

Saturday, was an easy run and coffee with the TriDot group, bike and bag check in, dinner with the fam, tons of hydrating, an early dinner, a GREAT and much needed call with my amazing coach, Bryan Kreitz, a nap, lots of relaxing, and applying my awesome tats.

Feel free to send me lots of warm, positive vibes tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “‘Twas the Night Before Ironman Chattanooga

  1. Lots good vibes coming your way. Got race tracker all set up. I’ve never met anyone quite like you – so hardworking, committed, fiercely loyal, committed, accomplished, successful and still down to earth real! Will be ready to pop bubbly and celebrate!

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