13 days…

13 daysโ€ฆ Seriously 13 days until IRONMAN Chattanooga. And the beginning of taper.

So the strange thing about me (well in fairness, one of the strange things), is taper makes me incredibly stir crazy. Kind of like that last month before you have a baby, and everyone says, oh cute, you are nesting. Except it’s not that cute, it looks slightly insane, and there’s no adorable baby in the end. It looks so insane in fact, that my husband in preparation for the next 13 days is going to rent a dumpster, so when “the cleaning purge” is over, it can all be hauled away. But afterwards, the house has half the junk it used to and the yard finally gets some attention.

I had a great friend give me the sweetest card and the coolest gift today! I love coffee mugs, and so does she, it was so sweet!


The past week, in case you missed it.


Tonight’s easy hour on the bike.


And some Monday Motivation.


One thought on “13 days…

  1. Oh my goodness!!!! This is the big one and I am so excited for you! I Absolutely know you are going to do this!! You rock Brandi Jeffries!!! Love you Tons!?


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