And it’s September…

It seems like for months and months I keep thinking about how quickly September is approaching, how soon it will be here, and then BOOM it is. September is here. It’s the final countdown to Chatt. It’s go time.


I feel really good about where my training is this year. Working with Bryan Kreitz and TriDot has definitely made me feel a lot more confident in my training.  The accountability that comes with having a coach has also made a huge difference to me. And sticking to the plan rigidly has made me feel super confident about making it down that beautiful red carpet!


Also, my mile to date are picking up. My running miles were a little low after missing the long run I had scheduled the day after my accident, but otherwise I feel good about the work I have put in so far this month. And I am totally going to hit all my goals!


Also, my new Flos came in today. They are currently at the LBS getting geared up for a long ride on Sunday! Stay tuned!!!!


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