Monday Motivation

Man, what a weekend!


Saturday was a race rehearsal! Which means I am closing in on Ironman Chattanooga. Completed a 6 hour ride, covering 100 miles. The last 24 miles were with a strong headwind. Headwinds are such a mind game for me, my legs are on fire and everything in me in screaming to quit. But when my watch rolled over to 100 miles, I was happy! My run was short afterwards, as I was out of water and it was in the 90s. But I felt good about the entire rehearsal. I feel really confident about my training right now.


Sunday was a shake out run, and although my legs were not loving the idea of a run, they dealt with it just fine, I just keep whispering to them, “we are almost there” and “rest is coming”. (Hey, see my new great running hat, it was a gift from this super neat couple, and I am pretty excited about it!!)


I know that I have been long between blog posts, but don’t you worry, I have been busy!!!

Here is your Monday Motivation!!



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