TidBit Tuesday

I have been so busy working my buns off that my blogging has taken a back seat and that is ok! Last week was a heavy training week and my goodness was my body feeling it! The tiredness that comes with the heavier weeks is heavy but knowing that I am closing in on my goal is awesome! This week is a little lighter in the week but longer workouts on the weekend! Only 39 days left until IRONMAN Chattanooga!

This past week I also had some family time and some good times with friends.

Here is a little Tidbit Tuesday:

  1. Have you ever sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call? Hmm, not that I can think of. 
  2. Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? I do, I don’t think we always know right as it is happening, or even for some time, but eventually I think things happen for a reason. 
  3. Do you rather follow your heart or your head? My heart, my head over thinks and ruins things sometimes. 
  4. Do you snore or steal the covers or roll around in your sleep? I talk in my sleep, I have very vivid dreams, so sometimes I talk. I don’t steal the covers but I like to have a blanket wrapped all the way around me. 
  5. Do you consider it more important to be liked or respected? Respected, not everyone will like you, and that’s okay. 
  6. What view would you most like to have out of your window?The ocean. I find it so calming. 
  7. If you were going to die at midnight, what would you be doing at 11:45 pm? Loving on the girls. 
  8. If you woke up tomorrow as an animal, what animal would you choose to be? Hopefully an ocean animal, ideally a whale. 
  9. If you could go back in time, once, and change a single thing – what would it be? I wouldn’t. Things shape us, for better or for worse. I wouldn’t change a thing. 
  10. Would your life be better or worse, if you knew the time and place where you would die? I don’t know, better to be able to live carefree of things, worse knowing exactly when and where. 
  11. What have you done to pursue your dreams lately? How about today? Ironman training! Two hours this morning. 
  12. What is the hardest lesson you had to learn in life? People will hurt you. 
  13. When you’re 90 years old, what will matter most to you in the world? My children. 
  14. If you could write a note to your younger self, what would you say in only three words? It Will Pass.
  15. Are some lives worth more than others? No. I think that each life, has it’s own destiny and own meaning, and good or bad, it’s not for us to judge it’s worth. 

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