Why my Coach is making today a not-freak-out moment

It’s exactly 2 month until Chattanooga. 2 MONTHS! No, I am not freaking out, which is amazing, cause I really thought I would be at this point.

I really think that hiring Bryan as a coach and working with Tridot is the number one reason I have been feeling so good about my training and not having a total freak-out-moment today.

  1. I love having someone to reach out to when I have questions, that will answer me honestly and not appease me with whatever it is that I want to hear.
  2. I love having someone with the knowledge of the ins and outs of Ironman training. I feel like I learn something new from Bryan all the time. Like, for example this weekend, when I was downing my water after a long run and he said, “Make sure you sip when you do that.  When you drink that much that fast most bypasses absorbing into organs and muscles.” WHAT?!? I am 32 and just finding this out????
  3. I LOVE the TriDot system, I love that it adjusts to my needs, my personal fitness level and makes a personalized plan that is exactly and perfectly for me.
  4. I love the accountability of having someone looking at my training. It’s easy to make a calendar, have a bad nights sleep and skip a workout. Who will know? Who will care? But on race day, all those missed workouts matter. With a coach watching over your plan, you know that someone will notice and will hold you accountable.
  5. Sometimes athletes get crazy, and they think, I can run 2 marathons back-to-back and then do my Ironman… AH-HEM… Probably not a good idea. Having a coach that you have to reason things out with, and that won’t be afraid to say, “NO, You are not doing that”, makes a huge difference in the decisions that you make.
  6. Also, having someone that you can reach out to on the shitty days and say, “hey I sucked today” and that person will turn around and say, “it’s okay to suck, it’s not about perfection”.

So, on that note, this week is TEST WEEK!!! So stay tuned, as I am excited to see how things are coming along in my training!!! 🙂



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