Test Week: Swim Assessment

Of the three disciplines, swimming has been the most difficult for me and the hardest for me to learn to love. But with each swim, I feel a little more confident in the water and perform slightly better. I had high hopes going into my Swim Assessment, to have improvements in all three disciplines this week for test week. And I am just thrilled that … Continue reading Test Week: Swim Assessment

Test Week: Run Assessment

I’ve never been a fast runner. So running threshold tests for me feel like torture. I prefer a nice long run, where I maintain a comfortable pace for a long period of time. The Running Assessment is an all-out 5k. Just like if you were running a race, but against yourself (or in my case, my Garmin). It was a beautiful morning for it! As … Continue reading Test Week: Run Assessment

Test Week: Bike Assessment

It is Test Week and today was the Bike Assessment! The Bike Assessment is to monitor your training improvements (and hopefully not your setbacks). I was pretty excited about the Bike Assessment because I feel like this is an area that I have worked pretty diligently in and feel much stronger at than I did previously. (I guess I kind of feel that way about … Continue reading Test Week: Bike Assessment

Why my Coach is making today a not-freak-out moment

It’s exactly 2 month until Chattanooga. 2 MONTHS! No, I am not freaking out, which is amazing, cause I really thought I would be at this point. I really think that hiring Bryan as a coach and working with Tridot is the number one reason I have been feeling so good about my training and not having a total freak-out-moment today. I love having someone to … Continue reading Why my Coach is making today a not-freak-out moment

Sunday WrapUp

These past few weeks were kind of an emotional roller coaster for me… But things seem to have smoothed out and my head is 100% back into training. Ironman Chattanooga is quickly approaching and I am excited to be feeling healthy, strong and making progress each week. Next week looks like a tough training week, and part of that I will be out of town, … Continue reading Sunday WrapUp

Thursday Musings

I’ve been a tad less present on my blog lately. Somewhere along the past few weeks, I have been less focused, distracted and less motivated. With 79 days left, time to relight that fire and kick my training up a notch. I didn’t sleep so well, so didn’t make it on the bike this morning. So, tonight was a very sweaty threshold bike ride. My eating … Continue reading Thursday Musings