Race Week!!

Well the countdown is just about over… Ironman Victoria 70.3 is only days away! This will be my fourth 70.3 and I am feeling really good about how I am going in to this race. I feel really confident in my training, working with Bryan Kreitz at Tridot has been a great choice for my training. I feel, by far, the healthiest that I ever have on race week, which is pretty exciting. And I feel the most prepared, which I assume would come with having a few under my belt.


Pre-race jitters are still there though. Checking the weather compulsively, checking the water temperature at Elk Lake (which was no easy feat, as Canadian water temps are apparently not as closely followed as US water temps), and checking and re-checking my packing list… But I suppose that if I wasn’t nervous at all, that I wouldn’t be taking it seriously enough.


This weekend was the last of the real workouts, and the beginning of taper week. And since I had more free time, I finished a great book, hung out with the kiddos, washed my car, washed and oiled my bike, played with my dog, and genuinely relaxed in the sunshine. I even started my packing, which I will go into a little more tomorrow!


It will be one of my best friend’s, Amber‘s, first 70.3, so be sure to go over to her page at All I Do Is Tri and show her some love and support!!!

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