Assessment Week

Assessment week is a tough week. You hope to see all of your hard work paying off. And most times you do, but sometimes you don’t.

My run assessment was up first… Running fast has never been my gig. I can run long, for hours and hours, but speed, that’s not a thing that I’ve ever had going for me. Working with an awesome coach, Bryan Kreitz, he has been focused on my form, my cadence and honestly things that I had never even thought about prior to hiring him. My run times, on assessments, had been steadily improving and I was happy for that. This week though, after a weird medical issue over the weekend, left me feeling a little concerned that things may not be at peak. But after work, I headed out anyways. As I got started, about a quarter mile in, a man that I vaguely know from work and have seen a few times on the levee, pulls up next to me on his bike. I have my earbuds in, I am ALL OUT RUNNING, but yet, he proceeds to attempt to talk to me. I stayed focused, offering only a few words, primarily about my husband, in hopes that may give him the hint, but not to be, he hung with me for about a mile, finally deciding that I was not a good runner-conversationalist. And thankfully, I felt good about maintaining my pace and focus. But after wrapping things up, I found that I lost a full minute off of my last assessment time. Could it have been the conversation? Could it have been recovery from the weekend? Hard to say, but the numbers weren’t there and I was/am frustrated.


This morning was the swim assessment, I was looking forward to this, as I had a swim instruction FaceTime with my coach earlier in the week and was hoping the changes that I was working on were having some significance. I felt really good in the water and felt that I was moving slightly faster, but it’s hard to gauge as you are actually swimming. But, afterwards, when I entered them in to TriDot (the platform that my coach uses), I had made big improvements! Dropping 28 seconds off my 400yd TT and 6 seconds off my 200yd TT! Woot!!!


This weekend is a race rehersal, which entails the 56 mile ride, as if doing the 70.3. I am pretty jazzed about it actually, as I love the distance on my bike. Need to focus on nutrition and hydration. Only 30 days from Victoria 70.3 and 142 days from Ironman Chattanooga.

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