Tidbit Tuesday


  1. Are there any household chores you secretly enjoy? Which ones — and why? I am a total weirdo about the chores at home, and prefer to do them. I do enjoy ironing Bills work clothes while watching Forensic Files. 
  2. Are there any laws or social rules that completely baffle you? I wish that people could more openly discuss their political/religious/social views without concern for upsetting other opposing beliefs. I think a lot of good could come from open discussion. 
  3. Are you afraid of flying in airplanes? Nope.
  4. Are you useful in a crisis? It depends, people very close to me, no not at all, I literally freeze or fall apart, there are many very funny stories regarding my complete inability in these situations. But with others, I am great in crisis. 
  5. Can you tell when someone is lying? Depends on the person, I feel like I have a decent Bullshit Radar.
  6. Do you believe that everyone deserves forgiveness? No. I think that sometimes people make some decisions that forever scar others, those things are unforgivable in my mind. And there are people that hurt people, and are aware of the hurt they cause and yet do it over and over, so no, I think you can’t fully forgive people like that. 
  7. Do you believe that people deserve to be happy? I think we make our own happiness. No one DESERVES or is ENTITLED to anything. 
  8. Do you have a morning ritual? You could set a clock by 99% of my day. Things run better for me when everything has its time and place. 
  9. Do you think we should live like we’re dying? No, but I think we should love those around us like we are.
  10. Do you think you’re currently operating at 100% capacity? No. But I am currently making changes in my life to change that.
  11. Have you ever been genuinely afraid for your physical safety? Sure, plenty of times. 
  12. Have you ever dreamed about starting a business? Yes, running therapy clinic (after getting my Masters).
  13. Have you ever met someone who was genuinely evil? I think so, I think anyone that would permanently damage young children is evil in the deepest most horrible ways.
  14. Have you ever pushed your body further than you dreamed possible? Absolutely, that is what Ironman is all about. 
  15. How do you engage with panhandlers on the street? I usually give them all of my dollars, which is why I don’t carry cash.
  16. How do you reign in self-critical voices? Oh, I don’t think I do. Ha. 
  17. How long can you go without checking your emails or texts? If I’m training, I can! Otherwise, not long. 
  18. If you could choose your own life obstacles, would you keep the ones you have? Everything I have been through in my life has brought me here, I wouldn’t change that. 
  19. If you could enroll in a PhD program, with your tuition paid in full by a mysterious benefactor, what would you study — and why? Social work. Open up a clinic for therapy. **dream job**
  20. If you could sit down with your 15-year old self, what would you tell him or her? The mean girls won’t matter when you are older, don’t let their words hurt you. Your body is just fine, stop hating it, feed it and quit dieting. Boys are dumb, stay away from them until you are older. 
  21. If you had an extra $100 to spend on yourself every week, what would you do? Weekly massages, for sure. 
  22. If you were heading out on a road trip right this minute, what would you pack? My running shoes. 
  23. If you were to die three hours from now, what would you regret most? Not watching my girls grow up and windowing my husband. 
  24. What do you value most: free time, recognition, or money? Free time. 
  25. What is your spirit animal? Bee
  26. What was the best kiss of your entire life? The day I married Bill. 
  27. What was your proudest moment from the past twelve months? Finishing CDA 70.3.
  28. What was your very first job? Working at my parents print shop.
  29. What was your worst haircut / hairstyle of all time? My sweet mullet. 
  30. What’s going to be carved on your (hypothetical) tombstone? Here lies one Bad Ass Chick 


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