My hubby…

I realized today, after a very scary experience regarding my husband and his health that on a recent post, I had stated that my sister and my friend Amber were my best friends. And believe me, they are, as during this experience I texted them non-stop with tears in my eyes as they reassured me “everything will be okay”.


But as he lay there, on a hospital bed, completely sedated, having tests run and with tubes and wires all over him, all I could think about was, this man is more than my best friend. This man is my other half. He completes me. He is a soul that sees my soul and understands it. He sees my broken parts, my damages and he loves them. He loved me when I didn’t even love me, when I didn’t even like me.



It’s sad that sometimes we need a reality check on what we have, to really see what it is we have. But I see it. I see, with my eyes wide open.


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