Snake River Canyon Half Marathon


I always love the Snake River Canyon Half Marathon, and although the weather is always a total toss-up, I still love it. This year, was a bad weather year, it snowed, it rained, it hailed, it was windy as hell and with less than a mile left it was even sunny. I was in good company, as Amber raced it too!


Packet Pickup: As with all of the small local races, there is never a line or hassle at the packet pickup, you can usually do it race morning, and it’s almost never a big deal.

Pre-Race: Coach Kreitz suggested that I try a banana pancake. I can honestly say that this idea was not something that I was super excited about. But it was delicious, it held me through the race, and it didn’t upset my stomach.


Nutrition: Pre-race pancake prior to heading out. On the way, some Nuun, BCAAs, Beta Alanine and pre workout. At the race, a Honey Stinger waffle. And half way, a Honey Stinger gel.

Gear: My Asics Gel Noosa Tri’s, my Velocity Sportswear tee and sweatshirt, my Zensah calf sleeves, random seamless running capris, and SmartWool socks. I always bring all my stuff to races in my Ogio 8.0 Bag.



Volunteers/Fluids/Spectators/Entertainment/Post Race: Always great volunteers and extremely well staffed water stations. And the swag at this race always rocks!


The Actual Race: This race is flat, pretty and super fun. Started out slow, took my time and felt comfortable. At the half way point, as directed by Coach Kreitz, started picking up some speed. Never felt uncomfortable, which was nice!

All the extra pics:

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