Tidbit Tuesday

I have been so busy training, trying to eat inside of my macros, and trying to get enough sleep that my blogging has gone kind of silent! But I have been busy!!!

My training has been going so well since hiring Coach Kreitz. Today I saw another jump in my swim times and I could not be more thrilled. In the past month and half working with Coach Kreitz, I have seen improvements in my swim times almost every single session, which is huge since swimming is by far my least favorite discipline of the three and where I struggle the most on race day. Here is what the past week or so has looked like:

Amber and I went up to the University of Idaho and had body pod testing done. While I was less than impressed with my personal results, it was an interesting process and I am highly motivated to see some changes. The body pod gives you a body fat percentage read out, your resting metabolic rate, and your total energy expenditure. So you can base your diet around this test to see the result you want to see. And as a result of the testing, I have been really good about hitting my macros, completely cutting out my nightcap of wine, and increasing my water intake.


Saturday, I ran the local half marathon. The weather was crap, but the race was well put together and all around a good time. I will get a race report up this week.


After a quick hot bath, the hubs, kiddos and I went to the movie. The new Wolverine movie, Logan, was so good.

Sunday I went and got a massage! My coach actually told me to. I haven’t gotten a massage since high school and was super nervous. But it felt really good and I left feeling relaxed and loosened up. I would and probably will go again.

Afterwards, the girls and I went and spent some time with my dad, he got the girls a horse, they named him Chuck. He’s an older horse, but very tame, very sweet and wonderful with the girls.

And here are a few random pictures on my adorable pup, cause I know you were wondering about her. Ha!

One thought on “Tidbit Tuesday

  1. Great job on your training. I have found a new coach. I start on March 20th. I talked to him last week for over a hour. I am excited to see how my training goes.


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