Tidbit Tuesday: Top 5 Reasons (so far) Hiring a Coach is a Good Idea

Since hiring a coach, I have had a few friends and other athletes ask about my thoughts. I have nothing negative to say about the coaching process, literally nothing. So here are my Top 5 Reasons for hiring a coach.  9755a4aec63d6a0c1ee9cbb5117f11a0

  1. First and foremost form. The coolest thing about having a coach, so far, has been having someone else look at my form and kindly tell me where it can improve. From my swimming, to my biking, to my running, he has made some great suggestions to improve my form. It’s not like I haven’t read every book imaginable, taken the Ironman University course AND watched hours of Youtube videos. It’s the interaction around the form, what I could be doing differently and the actual steps to improve on my form. This point alone has made the expense worth it.
  2. I have not missed a single workout since hiring a coach. Having someone holding me accountable is huge for me. It’s easy when you do your own schedule to overlook the days you don’t do the work.
  3. No lazy days. The workouts are written in a way that you cannot half ass it. Because so much of it is based on hitting heart rates, hitting paces and maintaining them for timed intervals. There really is no room to not get all the work done.
  4. You have someone to ask questions to. On a weekly basis, when training for your A Race, you have like 9 million questions. Having someone that you can contact and ask questions to makes a HUGE difference. Especially when it comes to the workouts, your heart rate, your cadence, ect. Again, worth the cost, to ask someone that knows the answers.
  5. No thinking on my part needed. Tridot has a kick ass website where all the workouts are available. They email you the workout the night before (or the morning of). The coach adjusts your workout whenever it is needed. You just show up, do the work, and trust the process. No more wondering, “is this enough”, “will this get me to the finish line”, “am I doing this right”. Just boom, done.


If you want the details on a really great coach, send me a message or head over to Tridot and look up Bryan Kreitz.

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