Geez, been a little bit. I have a had a touch of Grump-itis.

Although, I did have an amazing Thanksgiving dinner, it was a first for my sister and I to prepare a turkey and many of the dishes we made, but it was a super fun day.

Things at work have been a little heavy lately. I have had a tough time with it, but yesterday, I had a moment with a patient that made me remember all of the reasons that I choose this line of work, with this population. So even when there are tough days, and there are definitely tough days, what matter are the the moments that I hold someone’s hands and know that I am making a difference in someone’s life.


Also, been having some tough stuff going on with family stuff (don’t stress, I don’t mean family right here in my little nest). But I had a birthday lunch today with a gal (her birthday, not mine), that I feel through fate made my family. Sometimes, I think that we have to choose our family and surround ourselves that complete our lives.


My daughters decided that they no longer wanted to have separate rooms, which I was able to take over one of them!!! Hurray!

Got some bike miles in today in there! And it was awesome!


Anyways, long story short, no more grumping-around. I have so much to be happy and grateful for. I am so very blessed.

Stay tuned, this week I will be firming up my 2017 race schedule on Tuesday’s post, giving away a bunch of odds & ends in a giveaway on Thursday (see my instagram account for the details) and just sharing some general awesomeness the rest of the week!


6 thoughts on “Grump-itis

  1. Love this! Keep being an amazing woman, wife, auntie, sissy, social worker and mother. Can’t wait to see what the next season holds for you and the family!


  2. I agree you are awesome! the best!!! I’m so sorry you have struggled recently but you will continue to become even stronger as a result of these difficult times. And, yes, you are absolutely right in my opinion. you pick your friends, not your family! And those friends are the family that you make! Love you Brandi!


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