I am very much looking forward to getting back to running and back to road races. The next few weeks I’ll be training for the Hayden Lake Marathon, followed by a local Half and finally a local 5k.

The training plan:


Also, this happened:


Which is super exciting as I love Zensah’s products and have used them exclusively for some time! So get ready for lots of awesome pics of my killer Zensah compression-y legs!! Ha!!


The weather should have been a big red flag from the beginning… Between the insane swim conditions, that gave me nightmares from the moment of Athlete check-in through the flooded bike paths the entire day prior, I should have known that this would be a terrible, terrible idea…

The morning of the race, they had already shortened the bike course due to the flooding and the continual rain. But I thought, what is 8 miles? That’s not a big deal, it’s still an Ironman, right? (They eventually ended up cutting more mileage race day).

As we all approached the swim start, everything was still flooded, the water was white caps with boats rocking hard in the wind. Initially the race start time was delayed and then finally cancelled. I get it, I do, it was in everyone’s best interest… but a duathlon is not an Ironman… a duathlon without Iron distances is certainly not an Ironman. My heart was broken, just completely smashed…

I don’t blame the race director or staff, I understand on social media, a lot of people do. But he didn’t know that the weather was going to end up going the way it did… I’m shocked there weren’t better contingency plans, as I understand this is a regular issue at this venue.

Here are some pics of what this day looked like:


I think I will be taking a hiatus from this Ironman goal for a while, and maybe triathlon as a whole. I’m not sure. I’ll stick with running, as it is and always will be the place that I find peace, and decide what I want to do in 2017.

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