The Truth of It..

Here is the truth, the un-inhibited, soul-baring truth. I am crushed about the Ironman. Like crushed in a way that when I try to rationalize it, doesn’t even make sense to me. So, I am left with this overwhelming amount of don’t-know-what-the-hell-to-do-ism. Do I train for another full? Start from scratch and re-build and get back on that horse again? Do I pick a better race … Continue reading The Truth of It..

Lewis Clark Half Marathon Race Recap

Another half marathon this weekend. It was put on by the local running club, and as always, it was well put together and a good time. Great gear too! My great Mizuno Wave Hitogami shoes, my wonderful black Zensah compression sleeves! As usual, great hydration with Nuun Hydration and perfect nutrition with Honey Stinger! My kiddos even ran the 5k, and loved the Honey Stinger chews! … Continue reading Lewis Clark Half Marathon Race Recap

Hayden Lake Half Marathon Race Recap

Hayden Lake is such a beautiful place to run. Between the lake, the green trees everywhere and the changing colors of autumn, it’s a gorgeous race. And I got to run it with the badass Racing Mermaid! I just love my Mizuno Wave Hytogami 3 shoes, no matter the distance, they are my go-to shoes. Also, having Honey Stinger nutrition and Nuun Hydration never lets me … Continue reading Hayden Lake Half Marathon Race Recap