Packing for Maryland

Packing for Maryland and for flying to Maryland was a touch more difficult than packing for CDA. Primarily getting my bike across the country… Disasssembling my bike (although I will confess that I did very little to help, as my hubby did all the work) was a nightmare!!


But the Thule Case that we used, had excellent instructions and worked out super well.


Anyways, this is what my amazingly stuffed Ogio Rig 9800 looked like!


And my list of favorite essentials!!

  1. Obviously my 3 Ogio bags
  2. Kestral Talon Bike
  3. The Thule Bike Case
  4. Nuun Energy
  5. Infinit Nutrition
  6. Garmin Felix 3
  7. Velocity TriMafia Kit
  8. Compression sleeves & socks by Zensah
  9. Mizuno Running Shorts
  10. Mizuno Running Tank
  11. Mizuno Hitogami 3 Shoes
  12. Flip belt
  13. Smith Optics Overtake Helmet
  14. Smith Optics Pivot Lock Sunglasses 
  15. Goggles
  16. Wetsuit

And here are all of our bags, heading out!!


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