Super Sunday Prep – Maryland Packing!!

This Sunday brings a whole new meaning to Sunday Prep!

  1. Prep packing list for the Ironman
    1. Gear
    2. Fuel
    3. Hydration
    4. Clothes
  2. Prep packing list for being in Maryland for an entire week
  3. Prep work to be gone for a week (although, having Dom there has lessened this task dramatically!!)
  4. Prep food and groceries for the kiddos to have everything they’ll need for the week
  5. Plan out flying/carryon to be on the plane for hours

So far, so good. Ha!!

Well, easy training this weekend. Which was super weird. All of this energy is just building inside me. So, decided to tackle the long overdo yard work, and I must say, all this endurance training has made my yard working quite productive!!! Ha!


The plan for this week:


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