The final countdown…

These last two weeks are the hardest.

One, I am so ready to give my body some rest, it’s been a lot of work, and I can feel that my body is ready for a break. A real break. I’m sleeping more. I’m tired more. I’m just ready to have some rest.

Two, the nerves ramp up. The fears and anxiety. The what ifs. The worst case scenarios. And add on CDA and it’s intense. I need this race for redemption. I need this race to make all those hours, all that sweat and agony to mean something.

Three, starting taper. So all this nervous energy usually goes somewhere. I cope from the stress at work by leaving everything I’ve got in my training. So managing my stress is at a weak point right now. Add one and two, makes me on the brink of a total meltdown.

But, getting the work in. Only a handful of workouts lefts. And then it’s time to try again. To know that I’ve left everything I’ve got on the course. To fly home with no regrets. Ideally with that medal in my bag.


2 thoughts on “The final countdown…

  1. Not that you need to hear it, but here is a piece of unsolicited advice for a Wednesday afternoon. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself! Remember that the joy is in the journey, and the finish line is but a part of that journey. I know it feels at the moment that if you don’t finish that the world will cave in, but the sun will rise again the day after and there are plenty of Ironman races to complete. Make sure you don’t focus so much on the trip that you forget to stop and smell the roses 🙂


  2. You can do it! When I was reading this, I thought of an Ironman race report that I read a year or so ago. The blogger failed to meet the bike cutoff during his first attempt, and for his second attempt, the race was cancelled the morning of the event (Lake Tahoe, due to forest fires).

    He finally finished IM Boulder last year. There’s a line in the report where he says, “Success wasn’t waiting for me at the finish line. The finish line was waiting for me to carry my success to it. And how glad I was in that moment that I never wasted a first Ironman finish on a prior version of myself who didn’t understand this.”


    You’ve got this. You are already a success. There’s just a finish line waiting for you now. 🙂


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