My Super Hubby Saves The Day!!

So, today was the most important bike ride that occurs while training for an IM, peak week 100 mile ride, but let me tell you, it did not go as planned.

First off, the one and only Racing Mermaid met me at crack of dawn, well actually prior. We set out, we kicked ass, we turned around at mile 25 (loop one). We kicked more ass, the wind tried to kick our ass, we won.


Then, my clip broke off my shoe. I know what you are thinking whoa, what a badass, breaking metal with your kick ass efforts. No big deal… Ha. No, but really, it sucks!


So, with dumb difficulty, we made it back to mile 50. I literally start to freak out. I don’t have time to miss this ride. I DO NOT. So, I think, I’ll drive to the local bike shop and replace the clips, then go finish my ride. Done and done.

No. Not done. First, there is a parade. Yup, the one day I need the bike shop, it’s literally blocked in. My Super Hubby to the rescue #1, calls the bike shop, asks how I can get to the shop, gets the sneaky back roads alley way in to the shop. Done and done.


No. Again, not done. Apparently, my clips are SPECIAL CLIPS. They can get them for me, in two weeks. I tell him, I can get them in two days. He looks shocked, he literally says TWO DAYS! Well, you should do that then!! Someone needs to tell this guy about Amazon. Seriously. But again, no clip today.

50 miles left today. And it cannot wait.  Again, I start to panic. My Super Hubby to the rescue #2, calls again, I have a plan, come home. 


Yes, he did. My Super Hubby saves the day. 100 miles complete.

And just when he couldn’t be any better of a hubby… My Super Hubby to the rescue #3!!



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