Infinit Nutrition

If you have followed my blog long, you know that I am super happy with Infinit Nutrition’s products.


I especially like the custom blend formula, because I make the blend for what is best for me. The widget on the site takes you through a questionnaire that asks what your specific goals are, what your specific needs are and how your body handles workouts. Seriously the best training fuel I have ever used.

Then MUD. After a tough workout, well any workout, I take a scoop of this. Not only does it have caffeine and taste like a sweet coffee, it is a recovery drink! It’s my favorite and something that I will keep taking long after IM training. Yum. Plus, it makes a great breakfast on the go, like in my car on the way to work…


And most recently, I have started using :NOCTURNE which is a nighttime recovery that I take at night. I have an incredibly difficult time falling asleep, and getting in the hours of sleep that I need is imperative to good training. It’s not my favorite tasting drink, but if it works, then I can handle the odd taste.

If you want to give any of these products a try, use this link, and save yourself some $$$ or use the coupon code INFINIT-7JURP. 


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