Week in Pics

It has been kind of a hectic week. Working out the tweaks of training without have The Racing Mermaid (she’s up to some badass stuff, so be sure and check out her blog here) daily has been tough. But I think that I have found the groove. I have also had some support from Ms. Amber (check out here blog here). Today was an excellent 11 mile run with Ms. Amber, and I am so glad that I had her with me today. Hopefully this afternoon I can persuade her into a swim.


The kiddos are all back in school, and that is always a fun, exciting and hectic time of year, but the routine has been refreshing.

Isn’t Haili the sweetest girl? Both of these notes/paintings are from here. I just love her sweet little gifts.

πŸ™‚ Sometimes, I just marvel at how lucky I am to have this guy. We don’t share a lot of “hobbies” but compared to what we do have, companionship, friendship, support, it’s a non-issue. Plus he makes an incredible race sherpa.

Speaking of this guy, his mom is out this weekend. If you could hope to have a great mother-in-law, I have hit the jackpot. She is an amazing woman, and I could be more blessed to have her in my life, and she raised one hell of a son.


Haili has decided that she wants to train for a local 5 mile trail run at the end of October, she will be writing about her training and the race here, check it out. I am excited for her, and excited to train alongside here.


And here are some leftover running pics from this week! πŸ™‚

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