‘Twas the night before Ironman Maryland

First we rebuilt my bike, thank goodness for Bill. Next, I got my bags figured out. This was my demise at IM CDA, so I took a lot of extra time revisiting this and feel good about my fueling/hydration plan. We then took my bags and bike to the mandatory drop off. Rocked my Mizuno shoes and jacket with my TriMafia tee! The weather is … Continue reading ‘Twas the night before Ironman Maryland

Athlete Check-In & The Weather!!

Maryland weather is a tad crazy!!! Do you see these swells? And the standing water everywhere? I guess the bike route is flooding… Fingers crossed that things clear up. Athlete check-in today! Check out all the swag!! Afterwards we had some of this amazing crab everyone is talking about. Seriously yummy. (And some spicy calamari and dessert!!)   Then a nice soak in the jacuzzi tub, right … Continue reading Athlete Check-In & The Weather!!

What an adventure…

Wow. So what was supposed to be a pretty simple, two-leg flight, starting at 12:00 our time and landing 11:30pm there time ended up being a much crazier experience. When attempting to land in Washington DC, the weather was too bad. So they had us in a “holding pattern” to wait out the storm… no go. Instead we were re-routed to Detroit. What the heck?!? … Continue reading What an adventure…

Packing for Maryland

Packing for Maryland and for flying to Maryland was a touch more difficult than packing for CDA. Primarily getting my bike across the country… Disasssembling my bike (although I will confess that I did very little to help, as my hubby did all the work) was a nightmare!! But the Thule Case that we used, had excellent instructions and worked out super well. Anyways, this is … Continue reading Packing for Maryland

Super Sunday Prep – Maryland Packing!!

This Sunday brings a whole new meaning to Sunday Prep! Prep packing list for the Ironman Gear Fuel Hydration Clothes Prep packing list for being in Maryland for an entire week Prep work to be gone for a week (although, having Dom there has lessened this task dramatically!!) Prep food and groceries for the kiddos to have everything they’ll need for the week Plan out … Continue reading Super Sunday Prep – Maryland Packing!!

Monday Motivation

Was able to get my long ride (100 miles, woot!) and long run (18 miles, hurray!) in over the weekend, but had my step-dad’s birthday out of town yesterday, so didn’t manage to get back for my swim. I am home with my daughter today whom is not feeling well, but hoping to get out this evening after my hubs gets home and get that … Continue reading Monday Motivation

My Super Hubby Saves The Day!!

So, today was the most important bike ride that occurs while training for an IM, peak week 100 mile ride, but let me tell you, it did not go as planned. First off, the one and only Racing Mermaid met me at crack of dawn, well actually prior. We set out, we kicked ass, we turned around at mile 25 (loop one). We kicked more ass, the … Continue reading My Super Hubby Saves The Day!!