Training, training, training…

Well fully back in the swing of things. It’s a lot harder to do alone, which I knew it would be. But I am getting the work done.

A few things that I have read about Maryland are:

  1. It’s a flat course, which is all fine and good, but you have no “downhill” time either, so like on the trainer, there is no relief. So that is a big change in my hills-hills-hills focus for CDA.
  2. It’s humid. Which is not an issue over here. I have a friend that commented I should be training in the bathroom with the hot shower on… Is it weird that I am totally contemplating doing that?
  3. The past few years have had a lot of wind. Which I have trained a lot in, and can hit both flat and wind out Wawawai.
  4. Jellyfish… Uhhhhhhh, this is a thing? Everyone keeps posting, “only your face and hands will get stung because of the wetsuit”… I personally do not want to be stung in the face by a jellyfish. I am hoping that because I am not a strong swimmer, all the fast swimmers will catch the jellyfish on their faces and hands… Is that bad?
  5. The course is through a wildlife refuge. When I first read this, I was a tad freaked out… Like what kind of wildlife? Cougars? Bears? Alligators??? Then I saw that the “wildlife” in the refuge there are just the animals that I currently see out training… Birds, whitetail deer… Add in a few foxes, squirrels, raccoons, fish, coyotes, cows, and horses and I will practically be at home. πŸ™‚

Up on the training schedule tonight, run in the heat after work and a swim in the pool. And this weekend, right back in the long workouts.

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