I may be down, but I’m not out.

To say Ironman training isn’t hard on a marriage is an understatement. Dumping 20 hours a week into a completely selfish and incredibly self-involved goal is hard on even the most solid marriages.

On multiple occasions I swore up and down that after CDA, I would never do another full IM. Ever. That is until IM CDA wasn’t everything I had hoped for.

In the moment that I was falling apart, burying myself in ‘what ifs’, pouting and feeling sorry for myself, my incredible husband began researching IMs coming up. He said,” you are ready, you won’t be happy until you complete it, so let’s find one coming up, and do this this”.

And that’s how you know that you are married to the one person in this world that loves you and knows you on such a deeper level than anyone could begin to understand.

He’s right. I can’t be happy without. I can’t have done two years of training and not achieve what I set out for. I can not.

So we researched races (well, mostly Bill did). I redid my training schedule, for the next six weeks. So Maryland it is. Six weeks from CDA.

So this morning, on what was supposed to be my heavenly, much awaited week of sleeping in, I was back in the pool and back on my bike.


I may be down. But I’m not out.

And I am married to the absolute best, most supportive, thoughtful, selfless man I could have ever dreamed to have found. I am blessed.

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