Tidbit Tuesday – Ironman Packing List

Well, here it is. My Ironman packing list!

TheUltimate Ironman CDA Packing List

  • USAT membership
  • ID
  • Bike
  • Wetsuit
  • OGIO Bag
  • Inhaler
  • 4 pairs of socks
  • Biofreeze
  • Post Race Bag (Slippers, Phone, Compression Socks, naproxen, lacrosse ball, comfy clothes)
  • Foam Roller and ball
  • Bike pump
  • Watch & plug in
  • Transition mat
  • Nuun hat
  • Light clip
  • Bike bags
  • Pearl Izumi Bike Shoes
  • Wattie Ink Tri shorts
  • Zoot sports bra
  • Pearl Izumi pink jersey
  • Pearl Izumi pink jacket
  • Pearl Izumi windbreaker
  • vaseline
  • Smith Optics helmet
  • headband
  • hair ties (extras)
  • Smith Optics sunglasses
  • Mizuno running sports bra
  • Mizuno running shorts
  • Mizuno running tee
  • Mizuno jacket
  • Mizuno running shoes
  • flip belt or bib holder
  • throw away towel
  • throw away clothes
  • throw away shoes
  • Aqua Sphere goggles


  • Fuel, Hydration and Nutrition
  • Water Bottle
  • Running Water Pod
  • Special Needs Snacks!

I really, really, really hope that I haven’t forgotten anything… Feel free to drop a comment below if you can think of anything I have forgotten.


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