What do ya know Wednesday : Infinit Nutrition

So I am totally digging Infinit Nutrition! I am so super happy that I switched to this nutrition when I did. I have never felt that my nutrition has been more on point than it is right now!!!


First up, I love the Custom Blend. You go through and determine what your individual needs are. Such as, are you a heavy sweater? Do you want caffeine? How do you like your carb ratio? I seriously love that you dial it all in for your personal needs. Then you pick the flavor and NAME IT! Love.


Then, I love the MUD. It’s like having the most delicious, cold, coffee and protein shake all in one! It has replaced my morning coffee (at least most of the time) and I LOVE it!!!


And, I recently started using the :GO FAR which is designed for 4 hour plus workouts and doesn’t taste bad after sitting in the sun that long or longer. As well as the :JET FUEL which contains a higher percentage of INFINIT Glucose for energy and faster absorbtion along with 125 mg of caffeine, so you know, I can kick ass.


If you are interested in checking them out, you will not regret it! Click here: Infinit Nutrition and use this code to get $5 off: INFINIT-7JURP 

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