Tidbit Tuesday: CDA Athlete Guide


I cannot even tell you how many times I have read this… Too many.


Or done the math on the absolute longest I can take on the course and still walk away with that Finisher’s Medal.


Or wondered who in the hell decided that you had to get out of the water between lap and lap two of the swim… If you have followed my blog long and had the privilege of seeing my post 1.2mile swim pics, just wait, that 2.4 mile swim pic is going to be twice as awful…


Then I slightly freak out over 112 miles of crazy hills that make up the CDA Ironman course.



Then think to myself, like a marathon isn’t hard enough, why not tack those 26.2 miles onto the end of the swim and bike…


Then find comfort in the idea that crawling is just fine… 😦



3 thoughts on “Tidbit Tuesday: CDA Athlete Guide

  1. I can’t believe it’s almost here! Did you notice the discrepancy in the total elevation gain for the bike course between the map on the site and the map in the athlete guide? I think the one on the site itself is accurate, unless they changed the bike course on us…!


      1. Yeah, the one on the site says something like 5700 but the one in the guide says 7000! Pretty sure 5700 is accurate, but I’m not sure how they managed that mistake…


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