Alright Lazy Ass… Time to Get Back on Track

Having a tough time with motivation and mental strength this past week… The CDA 70.3 did not go as well as I had hoped and mentally it has been pretty tough on me. Having my training partner out of town has made it all too easy to sleep through my alarm and to miss my workouts.

Read a great article today about Getting Back on Track: HERE

So tonight, because yes, I slept right through my alarm, I will be putting myself right back on track. Here is this week’s training schedule:

Instagram Post-3

Also, a few additional goals this week:

  1. More reading before bedtime, less iPad or phone.
  2. Focus on healthy eating, less gluttony this week.
  3. Less wine for sleep, more tea.
  4. Ask hubby to shove me outta bed at 4am while my training partner is gone OR shove my butt out to train in the afternoon if I sleep in.
  5. Focus on the MAIN goal IM CDA!!!!

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