What a weekend!

The intensity of Ironman training just keeps ramping up and up and up. This weekend was no exception even after an already crazy week of training!

Saturday was a 60 mile bike ride up Waha. It’s a hell of a hill out there!


Followed by a short transition run, just to let your legs know how it will feel after riding that long to take off running.


I feel like my fueling and hydration was spot on, and I was glad to get to where I have a good idea of what that will look like for race day.

I have been walking my dog every day while still in my workout clothes, so she has become accustomed to me walking in and walking her right away. This was not my favorite task of the weekend! But she loves it and it thinning out.


Sunday was a 10 mile run, and my tired legs were not happy about it. But I kept telling myself, “Ironmen never train of fresh legs!” and that got me through the run.

Today is my rest day! And I am happy for that. But this week just keeps building! 🙂

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