Ironman CDA 70.3

Humbling… That’s the word that best describes this 70.3.

We (my husband, two daughters & I) drive up to CDA Saturday morning.


Hit the registration, athletes briefing, merchandise tent and mandatory bike check in.


Checked in to our hotel, sorted out the bike bag, and set everything up for the next morning.


Hung out with the girlies at the pool and read.

Had a nice dinner out, Chinese. I didn’t sleep well, which was a big bummer and leaves me more anxious than usual.


Race morning came early, leaving the hotel at 4:30am. Twila met me in transition, closing at 6am. Finally, pull on our wetsuits and wait anxiously.


Swim: The race is a self-seeded rolling start. So, you have an idea of your swim time, you place yourself there and the race volunteers funnel everyone in to the water. The gun went off for the male pros at 6am, a second gun went off for female pros and then finally the age-groupers, then we (all 3,000 of us) start funneling into the water. Your swim start begins as you cross the time mat as you enter the water. I knew entering the water that I just needed to focus on staying calm and “making it”. 11 minutes into the swim, I had an asthma attack. I had forgotten to use my inhaler prior to entering the water (I had put one on my bike and one in my water pod to run with, yet didn’t remember to use it…) I seriously considered getting out of the water. Flipped on to my back, got my breathing under control, looked around at all the other people that had self-seeded themselves as an equally poor swimmer, and calmed down. Made the corner with plenty of time to spare and just focused on making it back to shore. Made it to the shore. Getting out of the water, I always tend to be somewhat disoriented. But I knew from here the race would improve.

Transition 1: This transition is LONG. You come out of the water, up the shore, then run down the path around the back side of the bike corral, then into your bike. Longest T1 time ever! Never been happier to see an inhaler or peel off my wetsuit. (Turns out I burned my neck pretty badly with my suit, it’s awful looking today…)

Bike: I am so glad we’ve incorporated so much hill training, especially up Waha. The bike went great, I picked up a lot of riders and felt good the entire time. There were two wrecks on the bike course, a lot of under-prepared athletes for the hills, and soooo many flats. The course was so incredibly well managed and safe. I was thankful to be doing this on an Ironman branded course again. I did drink a Gatorade on the bike, ran short on water, so I’ll need to tighten that up, as that didn’t sit well on the run or after the race.

Transition 2: Much quicker! Hung my bike, switched my shoes, pulled off my helmet, grabbed my race bib and my water pod (with inhaler) and took off!

Run: Nothing spectacular here on my part, but managed well even in the heat. Met lots of nice, friendly ladies on the run. Took in water and loaded my sports bra up with ice at each aide station. And trudged along. My stomach was somewhat uncomfortable from the Gatorade but otherwise felt okay.

Finish: Seeing the Ironman chute, hearing them call your name and seeing your family watching you finish is amazing. Utterly amazing.

Reflections: Use inhaler like I do at all training swims. Use Vaseline on my neck every time I wear my wetsuit. Need to train more in non-current open water. Do not drink Gatorade. Focus heavy on August, the full is only 8 weeks away and 140.6 miles leaves no room for errors.

(More pics to come when the Ironman site has them ready!)

How bad do you want it?

I found the following on a website called EliteFTS, it was written in 2012 by Johnathan Connelly, and I just love it. Check it out, and as an athlete, think about these questions. I know that it rang pretty close to home for me.


If you are an athlete, I want you to ask yourself five questions. These five questions will determine if you have what it takes to be great, or if you’re satisfied with just being good.

  1. How bad? How bad do you want it? How bad do you really want to be great? Do you just talk about it, or are you doing what it takes on a daily basis to be great? Michael Jordan once said, “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, and others make it happen.” You have got to go and make it happen. You have to go and take it. How bad do you want it?

  2. Why? Why do you want it? Do you want to be great so people notice you? Do you want to be great to be famous? Do you want to be great to make money? Do you want to be great so that you can help others? Whatever it is, you need to know why. Why do you do what you do on a daily basis to be great? What is it that motivates you?

  3. What? What are you willing to do until you get it? What are you willing to sacrifice? Many athletes say they want to play professionally and that’s great. However, do you know what it takes now for you to get there? Do you know what you need to do on a daily/weekly/monthly/annual basis to reach that ultimate goal to play professionally? To be a great athlete takes a lot of sacrifice. You may have to go to bed early when your friends are out at a movie. You may have to tell your girlfriend that you can’t hang out because you need to train. Are you willing to make those kinds of sacrifices?

  4. How much? How much do you really invest into it? How much time do you put into what you do? It takes time to be great at anything. How much time do you put into practicing? How much time do you put into studying so that you can master your sport? Be honest with yourself. Are you really ready to invest the time necessary to be great at what you do? There is no substitute for hard work. Are you willing to put the time into practice? Are you willing to work? How much are you willing to work at it?

  5. Do you really? Do you really love it? Is this your passion? Your passion is what is going to drive you. It is what keeps you going when times get tough. Things will not always be easy. The road is going to get rocky, and if you do not love what you are doing, you will quit. If you do not have a passion for this, you will throw in the towel. You really need to ask yourself, “Is this what I love to do?” If not, hang it up and find something that you do love to do. This is what life is all about!


What a weekend!

The intensity of Ironman training just keeps ramping up and up and up. This weekend was no exception even after an already crazy week of training!

Saturday was a 60 mile bike ride up Waha. It’s a hell of a hill out there!


Followed by a short transition run, just to let your legs know how it will feel after riding that long to take off running.


I feel like my fueling and hydration was spot on, and I was glad to get to where I have a good idea of what that will look like for race day.

I have been walking my dog every day while still in my workout clothes, so she has become accustomed to me walking in and walking her right away. This was not my favorite task of the weekend! But she loves it and it thinning out.


Sunday was a 10 mile run, and my tired legs were not happy about it. But I kept telling myself, “Ironmen never train of fresh legs!” and that got me through the run.

Today is my rest day! And I am happy for that. But this week just keeps building! 🙂

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One Hell of a Weekend

Great workouts this weekend, to end a great week of training!


Great ride up Waha!!!


Great swim in the river and long run this morning!


And a great time with the girlies!

This week’s training schedule:


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