Gelm Inc.


🎉Very excited to be teaming up with Gelm Inc’s racing team.
Our mission is to aid individuals and organizations that aim to progress their environment with the required resources. The success and continued growth of GELM Inc. is due to our reliance on local knowledge and expertise to develop solutions that are viable and sustainable in the communities and cultures where we work. We invest our resources locally, in the countries where we work. This helps boost local economies and keeps costs low. The work of this 501(C)(3) nonprofit corporation is actually helping people, not just talking about it. The core values portrayed by the noble institution are: Integrity, Simplicity and Sustainability. Interested in helping out and making an impact in the lives of others? Check out the website:

I have always wanted to have a bigger impact on helping people, it’s the social worker inside of me! This is going to give me the ability to race for a cause. It’s a win-win. One, I love to race. Two, I love to be involved in the betterment of the lives of others. Doing both at once?! It’s the jackpot. 🙂

Stay Tuned!! Much more to come, as this adventure is just starting!


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