Troika Triathlon Race Recap

Another great race at the Troika Triathlon this year! Feeling really good about where our training is!



Transition Set-Up:

My Bike: Kestral “Cerebrus”
Honey Stinger Waffle: about an hour before the race
Nuun Energy: 2 tabs (Cherry Limeade)
Infinit Custom Bblend Nutrition: 1 scoop prior to race, another on the bike
Watch: Fenix 3
Nathan Sports AP Pro Aero Hydration System
Under Armor thin socks
Pearl Izumi cycling shoes
Wattie Ink tri kit
Smith Overtake helmet
Smith Pivloc sunglasses
Mizuno Hitogami 2 shoes
IM Bib holder
Aqua Sphere Kayenne goggles
Blue Seventy wetsuit

The Swim: The water temperature was just right, the waves were staggered perfectly. I started in the middle of the pack, passing a few ladies, and swam just fine. Had some difficulty keeping my face in the water, something I need to work on in cold water.


T1: No issues, in and out pretty quick. Wetsuit off then pulled on my socks, cycling shoes, helmet and sunglasses.



Bike: I really like this course. It’s pretty, flat and fast. I was able to pick people up.


T2: Racked the bike, switched shoes, swapped my helmet for my hat, and pulled on my bib holder.
Run: Legs felt good. Picked up a few more people. Maintained a decent pace, finished strong.


And placed 2nd in my Age Group!!!!


Go check out my badass training partners blog here. She was a total stud today (well every day) and took 2nd in her AG too!!! I’m so thankful to have her on this journey with me. Couldn’t do it without her constant push, accountability, support and baddassery!


It was Amber’s first OWS triathlon today too! She did great! Great day! πŸ™‚

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