Gear Geek Box #4 & A GIVEAWAY!

I love surprise mail. When a package comes and I have no idea what is inside, I am quite literally giddy to open it. Gear Geek Boxes are by far my favorite “mystery box”. The box arrives and is bright orange, almost like a gift begging to be opened.

Check out all the details of Gear Geek Boxes and the cost here. I promise, you will not be disappointed. These boxes have contained everything from boxes of nutrition, frames for finisher’s pics, anti-chafe creams and even an awesome Orange Mud Transition towel that I use all the time!

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So, what was inside this month? First off, and by far my favorite of the items, a Nathan Sports AP Pro Aero Hydration System. Let me start off by saying, this is the FOURTH hydration system that I have attempted to use, and each one was a complete and utter failure… Riding in aero, watching the road, staying balanced and drinking while maintaining the three has not gone well. Usually leaving me swerving about and not drinking nearly as much as I would normally out of a water bottle. This hydration system, my bike, and myself seem to be much more compatible. The things I love about this system:

  1. The tube that you drink out of is positioned to hit right near your face, where you do not need to adjust your body or remove your hands from the aero position. You simply move your mouth/face to drink.
  2. The end of the tube that you drink out of has a stopper that you squeeze with your mouth or teeth to allow hydration to come out. No leaking or splashing.
  3. The clip on design! No more zip ties, rubber bands or other complicated systems to keep the bottle on the bike and not rattle.
  4. You can pop the entire thing off in just a second for washing and drying. Other systems are difficult to remove, therefore leaving them on the bike is often the only option. The idea of the system not being cleaned and dried after each use, just reeks of mildew and mold. No thank you.

So after using this system one time in training, I decided that I would use it for our next long ride, which was the IM course loop in CDA over the weekend. With the hills, riding on the interstate alongside fast moving traffic and the poor weather, it was truly a great decision. I was able to drink while ascending the long hills, staying in aero, and felt confident in using it. It was a big win overall for me.


Also inside the box was a TYR Wrinkle-Free Silicone Swim Cap. I find with having long hair, that if the cap is not the thicker style, that the cap will slowly but surely sneak off of my head. These thicker caps are the only ones that I train in. They also work so well that my hair is not nearly as wet after a swim, hopefully sparing my hair some damage from the constant subjection to chlorine. I am hoping that the silver color, will allow for me to wear it under the official race cap at the sprint this weekend, as the race caps that they offer at races are usually thin and cheap.


Last but not least, the package included two Profile Designs bike water bottle holders.


Here is where the fun comes in! I have no use for these! I already have a set that I purchased to match my bike/kit/shoes/helmet (yes, I am a tad matchy-matchy and maybe a touch OCD). SOOOOO it’s giveaway time!!!


What’s included? 2 Profile Designs bike water bottle holders, 2 Honey Stinger Gels, 2 Honey Stinger Chews, and a pair of Sweat Pink shoelaces!

How Can You Get In On This? For every item below, you will receive one entry into the drawing. **Winner to be announced May 25th!!**

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Good luck readers!


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