In the double digits…

It’s been a busy week with the Ironman training, races, traveling, work and the girls’ softball schedule. As I am writing this I am actually sitting on my lunch break at the WHCA convention two hours from home, where I will be over night through tomorrow.

But have no worries, Ironman training continues, especially now with the days rapidly counting down, now in the double digits instead of the triple digits. 95 days. Only 95 days… Breath…..

This weekend we went up to CDA to see what the bike course is really like. It’s hard to gauge when looking at the IM site what the elevation actually looks like.


The course was not terrible, it does have several long hills, but we managed them just fine. The weather on another hand was terrible. It was pouring rain, windy Β and cold. Riding on the interstate with the traffic spraying us in mist was miserable, but you never know what race day may hold, so, I am still glad we rode it. But would really love to go back up on a day that is sunny or at least not nasty.


Training is right on track. Even with this convention right smack in the middle of the week. And our first OWS sprint triathlon is this Saturday. Excited to see what a year of training will show when we return!

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