Let’s Do This!!!

Had a very busy weekend of training, first OWS of the season. It was a chilly one! Isn’t the Racing Mermaid’s wetsuit awesome? I am a little jelly of it.


Then we immediately headed out for a 40 mile bike ride. The weather was perfect and the ride was great!

Sunday morning we had a 13 mile run scheduled. And it was the first time since the last marathon that my calves weren’t totally tired or crampy. I felt good.


Then headed home to my family for Mother’s Day. The girlies made me the sweetest cards and homemade gifts. These little things that they make for me are always so sweet and they are just brimming with pride when they give them to me.

Vintage Gay Weddingsfor Your Inspiration

My hubby continues to amaze me. The longer we are married, the more thoughtful he becomes. Every gift that he got me for Mother’s Day, which was a lot, may not be the perfect gift for any wife or mother out there, but they were PERFECT for me. He’s so good to me.

Then we had an amazing dinner at Red Bento! Woo hoo! Both girls tried my sushi, didn’t hate it and Haili even had a second piece! Hurray, they may be sushi eaters after all!

Yesterday, I was FINALLY selected for jury duty! I have wanted to be on jury duty forever, and have been called a few times but later sent away. I was so excited to be selected to stay of the entire hearing. It was so neat to learn all about what these hearings look like. I seriously think I missed my calling by not being an attorney.

Anyways, today the week is off to a great start, a mile swim this morning.


And my bike is in the shop getting a tune up, because the Racing Mermaid and I are doing the CDA IM course this Sunday! Check out this week’s training:


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