Eugene Marathon Race Recap


Eugene Marathon has been on my bucket list of races for years. I am so happy to be able to scratch it off!

Running Bucket List
Packet Pickup/Expo: The expo wasn’t huge but it was well run. The swag they were selling was all excellent quality and great looking. And they had a giant sign with everyone’s name on it!! Awesome!



Prep: Focused hard on nutrition and hydration this week. Switching to Infinit Nutrition totally has already improved my times and given me the extra energy for the increased training load. I increased my fluids and Nuun electrolytes. We had an excellent dinner at PF Changs the night before the race, and made my own fortune cookie note.

Pre-Race: Cup of oatmeal with fruit, MUD, BCAAs, beta alanine, Nuun Energy, and Onnit Schroom TECH sport.

Gear: Mizuno Hitogami 2 shoes, Mizuno Base Layer long sleeve shirt, Mizuno Elite 9 Cover Up shorts, seamless sports bra, Nathan Trail Mix hydration belt, Smith Pivlock Asana sunglasses, UA thin running socks, Ironman Earbuds, and my iPod.


Volunteers/Fluids/Spectators/Entertainment/Post Race: Great volunteers and extremely well staffed water stations. Little entertainment on the course although they boast there was to be more online. The volunteers were awesome. The medal and snack bag was awesome.


Even the refillable, reusable water bottles were awesome. And they had tons of professional pics that were worth the pricey cost.

The Actual Race: First of all, I set my alarm for 5am, and woke up to my alarm at 5:40…


But instead of losing my shit, I just husseled my routine and my hubby and girls were saints to hustle around without a single complaint. Arrived just on time to get into my chute and finish my pre-race drink.


Not TONS of people but definitely a well attended race. Met up with Amber, she was running the half.


Then, it was go time. First few miles were a cinch, the entire course was relatively flat, and the majority of the race was along the water which was beautiful.


Half way came, still felt good. It really started to heat up, my long sleeves were too warm, but my seamless sports bra would have left little to the imagination, so I couldn’t run without my shirt… Other than the heat, I continued to feel good. My nutrition and hydration stayed on point, and I never was uncomfortable. And boom done. Another marathon in the bag.


Nothing better than running through the finish line to these three. Finishing ANY race running to my hubby and girls is amazing.


Afterwards my hubby and girls had a GIANT Voo Doo doughnut waiting for me. My first ever. Delicious.

All the extra pics:

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