Hurray for long weekends!!

We have a hilly, hot 40 mile bike ride this afternoon! Getting in some good eating and hydration done prior!


And since starting Infint Nutrition, my nutrition during training has been on point! Couldn’t be more happy with this change in my training! Plus, no more gels, bars or thinking out on the course! If you want $5 off your order, use this coupon code: INFINIT-7JURP


Next weeks training plan:


Gelm Inc.


🎉Very excited to be teaming up with Gelm Inc’s racing team.
Our mission is to aid individuals and organizations that aim to progress their environment with the required resources. The success and continued growth of GELM Inc. is due to our reliance on local knowledge and expertise to develop solutions that are viable and sustainable in the communities and cultures where we work. We invest our resources locally, in the countries where we work. This helps boost local economies and keeps costs low. The work of this 501(C)(3) nonprofit corporation is actually helping people, not just talking about it. The core values portrayed by the noble institution are: Integrity, Simplicity and Sustainability. Interested in helping out and making an impact in the lives of others? Check out the website:

I have always wanted to have a bigger impact on helping people, it’s the social worker inside of me! This is going to give me the ability to race for a cause. It’s a win-win. One, I love to race. Two, I love to be involved in the betterment of the lives of others. Doing both at once?! It’s the jackpot. 🙂

Stay Tuned!! Much more to come, as this adventure is just starting!


CDA is Inching Closer

It was a great weekend with the triathlon! Now back to the grind. CDA is inching closer and these training sessions become more and more vital.

This week’s training plan:


A few pics from the weekend other than the triathlon:


Troika Triathlon Race Recap

Another great race at the Troika Triathlon this year! Feeling really good about where our training is!



Transition Set-Up:

My Bike: Kestral “Cerebrus”
Honey Stinger Waffle: about an hour before the race
Nuun Energy: 2 tabs (Cherry Limeade)
Infinit Custom Bblend Nutrition: 1 scoop prior to race, another on the bike
Watch: Fenix 3
Nathan Sports AP Pro Aero Hydration System
Under Armor thin socks
Pearl Izumi cycling shoes
Wattie Ink tri kit
Smith Overtake helmet
Smith Pivloc sunglasses
Mizuno Hitogami 2 shoes
IM Bib holder
Aqua Sphere Kayenne goggles
Blue Seventy wetsuit

The Swim: The water temperature was just right, the waves were staggered perfectly. I started in the middle of the pack, passing a few ladies, and swam just fine. Had some difficulty keeping my face in the water, something I need to work on in cold water.


T1: No issues, in and out pretty quick. Wetsuit off then pulled on my socks, cycling shoes, helmet and sunglasses.



Bike: I really like this course. It’s pretty, flat and fast. I was able to pick people up.


T2: Racked the bike, switched shoes, swapped my helmet for my hat, and pulled on my bib holder.
Run: Legs felt good. Picked up a few more people. Maintained a decent pace, finished strong.


And placed 2nd in my Age Group!!!!


Go check out my badass training partners blog here. She was a total stud today (well every day) and took 2nd in her AG too!!! I’m so thankful to have her on this journey with me. Couldn’t do it without her constant push, accountability, support and baddassery!


It was Amber’s first OWS triathlon today too! She did great! Great day! 🙂

Gear Geek Box #4 & A GIVEAWAY!

I love surprise mail. When a package comes and I have no idea what is inside, I am quite literally giddy to open it. Gear Geek Boxes are by far my favorite “mystery box”. The box arrives and is bright orange, almost like a gift begging to be opened.

Check out all the details of Gear Geek Boxes and the cost here. I promise, you will not be disappointed. These boxes have contained everything from boxes of nutrition, frames for finisher’s pics, anti-chafe creams and even an awesome Orange Mud Transition towel that I use all the time!

Read about my first three boxes here:

  1. Gear Geek Box #1
  2. Gear Geek Box #2
  3. Gear Geek Box #3

So, what was inside this month? First off, and by far my favorite of the items, a Nathan Sports AP Pro Aero Hydration System. Let me start off by saying, this is the FOURTH hydration system that I have attempted to use, and each one was a complete and utter failure… Riding in aero, watching the road, staying balanced and drinking while maintaining the three has not gone well. Usually leaving me swerving about and not drinking nearly as much as I would normally out of a water bottle. This hydration system, my bike, and myself seem to be much more compatible. The things I love about this system:

  1. The tube that you drink out of is positioned to hit right near your face, where you do not need to adjust your body or remove your hands from the aero position. You simply move your mouth/face to drink.
  2. The end of the tube that you drink out of has a stopper that you squeeze with your mouth or teeth to allow hydration to come out. No leaking or splashing.
  3. The clip on design! No more zip ties, rubber bands or other complicated systems to keep the bottle on the bike and not rattle.
  4. You can pop the entire thing off in just a second for washing and drying. Other systems are difficult to remove, therefore leaving them on the bike is often the only option. The idea of the system not being cleaned and dried after each use, just reeks of mildew and mold. No thank you.

So after using this system one time in training, I decided that I would use it for our next long ride, which was the IM course loop in CDA over the weekend. With the hills, riding on the interstate alongside fast moving traffic and the poor weather, it was truly a great decision. I was able to drink while ascending the long hills, staying in aero, and felt confident in using it. It was a big win overall for me.


Also inside the box was a TYR Wrinkle-Free Silicone Swim Cap. I find with having long hair, that if the cap is not the thicker style, that the cap will slowly but surely sneak off of my head. These thicker caps are the only ones that I train in. They also work so well that my hair is not nearly as wet after a swim, hopefully sparing my hair some damage from the constant subjection to chlorine. I am hoping that the silver color, will allow for me to wear it under the official race cap at the sprint this weekend, as the race caps that they offer at races are usually thin and cheap.


Last but not least, the package included two Profile Designs bike water bottle holders.


Here is where the fun comes in! I have no use for these! I already have a set that I purchased to match my bike/kit/shoes/helmet (yes, I am a tad matchy-matchy and maybe a touch OCD). SOOOOO it’s giveaway time!!!


What’s included? 2 Profile Designs bike water bottle holders, 2 Honey Stinger Gels, 2 Honey Stinger Chews, and a pair of Sweat Pink shoelaces!

How Can You Get In On This? For every item below, you will receive one entry into the drawing. **Winner to be announced May 25th!!**

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Good luck readers!


In the double digits…

It’s been a busy week with the Ironman training, races, traveling, work and the girls’ softball schedule. As I am writing this I am actually sitting on my lunch break at the WHCA convention two hours from home, where I will be over night through tomorrow.

But have no worries, Ironman training continues, especially now with the days rapidly counting down, now in the double digits instead of the triple digits. 95 days. Only 95 days… Breath…..

This weekend we went up to CDA to see what the bike course is really like. It’s hard to gauge when looking at the IM site what the elevation actually looks like.


The course was not terrible, it does have several long hills, but we managed them just fine. The weather on another hand was terrible. It was pouring rain, windy  and cold. Riding on the interstate with the traffic spraying us in mist was miserable, but you never know what race day may hold, so, I am still glad we rode it. But would really love to go back up on a day that is sunny or at least not nasty.


Training is right on track. Even with this convention right smack in the middle of the week. And our first OWS sprint triathlon is this Saturday. Excited to see what a year of training will show when we return!

Let’s Do This!!!

Had a very busy weekend of training, first OWS of the season. It was a chilly one! Isn’t the Racing Mermaid’s wetsuit awesome? I am a little jelly of it.


Then we immediately headed out for a 40 mile bike ride. The weather was perfect and the ride was great!

Sunday morning we had a 13 mile run scheduled. And it was the first time since the last marathon that my calves weren’t totally tired or crampy. I felt good.


Then headed home to my family for Mother’s Day. The girlies made me the sweetest cards and homemade gifts. These little things that they make for me are always so sweet and they are just brimming with pride when they give them to me.

Vintage Gay Weddingsfor Your Inspiration

My hubby continues to amaze me. The longer we are married, the more thoughtful he becomes. Every gift that he got me for Mother’s Day, which was a lot, may not be the perfect gift for any wife or mother out there, but they were PERFECT for me. He’s so good to me.

Then we had an amazing dinner at Red Bento! Woo hoo! Both girls tried my sushi, didn’t hate it and Haili even had a second piece! Hurray, they may be sushi eaters after all!

Yesterday, I was FINALLY selected for jury duty! I have wanted to be on jury duty forever, and have been called a few times but later sent away. I was so excited to be selected to stay of the entire hearing. It was so neat to learn all about what these hearings look like. I seriously think I missed my calling by not being an attorney.

Anyways, today the week is off to a great start, a mile swim this morning.


And my bike is in the shop getting a tune up, because the Racing Mermaid and I are doing the CDA IM course this Sunday! Check out this week’s training:


I am a Marathon Maniac!


Well unless you are as super nerdy as I am, you may not know about the Marathon Maniacs AsyLum. This is a group of marathon runners that have qualified to be a part of this running group. Running the two marathons within 16 days of each other (mine were 15 days apart) qualified me as a Bronze member.


Every time that I have run a marathon, I have secretly wanted so badly to be sporting a Marathon Maniac singlet/hat/shirt. Because when you see these items, you know the person wearing them has earned them. Yes, my shirt is on it’s way.


I was already a Half Fanatic, which is like the feeder half marathon group to this larger marathon group. When you are both a member of the Half Fanatics and the Marathon Maniacs, you become a DOUBLE AGENT! Ha!


Yes, I know how nerdy this is. No, I do not care.


Eugene Marathon Race Recap


Eugene Marathon has been on my bucket list of races for years. I am so happy to be able to scratch it off!

Running Bucket List
Packet Pickup/Expo: The expo wasn’t huge but it was well run. The swag they were selling was all excellent quality and great looking. And they had a giant sign with everyone’s name on it!! Awesome!



Prep: Focused hard on nutrition and hydration this week. Switching to Infinit Nutrition totally has already improved my times and given me the extra energy for the increased training load. I increased my fluids and Nuun electrolytes. We had an excellent dinner at PF Changs the night before the race, and made my own fortune cookie note.

Pre-Race: Cup of oatmeal with fruit, MUD, BCAAs, beta alanine, Nuun Energy, and Onnit Schroom TECH sport.

Gear: Mizuno Hitogami 2 shoes, Mizuno Base Layer long sleeve shirt, Mizuno Elite 9 Cover Up shorts, seamless sports bra, Nathan Trail Mix hydration belt, Smith Pivlock Asana sunglasses, UA thin running socks, Ironman Earbuds, and my iPod.


Volunteers/Fluids/Spectators/Entertainment/Post Race: Great volunteers and extremely well staffed water stations. Little entertainment on the course although they boast there was to be more online. The volunteers were awesome. The medal and snack bag was awesome.


Even the refillable, reusable water bottles were awesome. And they had tons of professional pics that were worth the pricey cost.

The Actual Race: First of all, I set my alarm for 5am, and woke up to my alarm at 5:40…


But instead of losing my shit, I just husseled my routine and my hubby and girls were saints to hustle around without a single complaint. Arrived just on time to get into my chute and finish my pre-race drink.


Not TONS of people but definitely a well attended race. Met up with Amber, she was running the half.


Then, it was go time. First few miles were a cinch, the entire course was relatively flat, and the majority of the race was along the water which was beautiful.


Half way came, still felt good. It really started to heat up, my long sleeves were too warm, but my seamless sports bra would have left little to the imagination, so I couldn’t run without my shirt… Other than the heat, I continued to feel good. My nutrition and hydration stayed on point, and I never was uncomfortable. And boom done. Another marathon in the bag.


Nothing better than running through the finish line to these three. Finishing ANY race running to my hubby and girls is amazing.


Afterwards my hubby and girls had a GIANT Voo Doo doughnut waiting for me. My first ever. Delicious.

All the extra pics:

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