Seaport River Run & The Rest of the Weekend

Busy little weekend. Saturday morning was the Seaport River Run, and even though it was raining and humid, it was a terrific time running with the girlies and Amber.


Then returned home to help Bill clean out the garage. It was a monster project. Followed by a great nap, some shopping and dinner out at the Chinese restaurant.


This morning I slept in. Put in 30 miles on my trainer.


Followed by a mile swim at the pool with The Racing Mermaid, The Mermaid Son, and my girlies. Haili got in 550yds! She was so proud. And I am so proud of her drive. Watching her drink some Nuun electrolytes between laps was adorable.

Afterwards we washed up and headed down to the carnival so the girlies could spend some time with their little sister.


The girlies then had softball practice. They really have shown some big improvements these last two weeks, and I am proud of them. Haili pitched tonight, and looked really good. Grace got a few really good hits. They make me proud.

Then finally home for dinner, time by the fire, snuggling, planning my weekΒ and then GAME OF THRONES!

Week to come:


Also, decided to run the full marathon in Eugene instead of the half! Woo hoo!



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